Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


Roman Chamomile Essentail Oil

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    Be Young - 10ml
    Doterra - 5ml

    Plant Therapy - 10ml

    Young Living - 5 ml


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    Chamomile, one of the most ancient and versatile medicinal herbs known to humankind. It primarily supports the nervous system and the integumentary system.  Its use for either of these body systems will bring with it a calming influence.

    Roman Chamomile essential oil also supports the nervous system and the integumentary system (the skin). In fact, your skin will LOVE some TLC with Roman Chamomile essential oil. 


    The integumentary system of the body (the skin) LOVES Chamomile essential oil, particularly when there’s been a scrape or scratch or pesky bug bite or other mild irritation. But it also has a pleasant toning effect on the integumentary system and supports beautiful tone skin. That makes it a great addition to your nightly maintenance skin care regimen.

    The muscular system also enjoys the benefits of the Chamomile essential oil, especially when you’ve been overzealous and overextended.


    *For people who may have more toxins built up in their system Roman chamomile may be better to use since it is not as strong as German chamomile


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