Common Queries

At Resonance, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get the information you’re looking for. Contact us with any other thoughts or questions.

How much is the app?

The Resonance Meditations app is $2.99/month.  The app continually updates with additional sounds!

How often should I meditate?

If you are new to meditation, we recommend once a week.  If you are an experienced meditator, we recommend 3 to 5 times per week, or even daily.  Feel free to intuitively feel how often to meditate.

Where should I meditate?

You can meditate anywhere that you have a quiet space, the option to close your eyes, and be free from distractions.  That may be in your home when the children are asleep, that may be in your office during a break with the door shut for privacy, that may be outdoors while on vacation.  The app does not need wifi to work correctly, which means that you can meditate on an airplane, but not while driving!  :-)

How do I know which meditation to use?

The beautiful thing about the meditation process is the simplicity in which it was created.  There are no wrong answers.  The best thing to do is choose one that looks appealing to you, or one that is calling to you.  As you meditate more and more you will start to awaken an intuitive connection between mind and soul.  It gets easier to know exactly which meditation you need and why.  So begin by simply choosing one that you like.

How can I share the meditation and is there a fee to share this in my practice?

There is not a fee to add Resonance Meditations to your practice.  

We have events that empower you to know everything you need to know about sharing Resonance with clients.  Check out our upcoming events, or give us a call and we can assist you with additional information.

Can I use Resonance to grow an essential oils line?

Yes!! Growing an essential oils line the Resonance way has proven to be very powerful and effective in finding individuals who are ready to learn about essential oils.  Check out our upcoming events and classes on Facebook to learn how to grow your essential oil line today!

When I record a journal entry and click 'submit', where is this information going?

After you have recorded your journal entries, whether it is in the gratitude journal or the meditation journal, and select submit the information stays on your personal device and does not go anywhere else.  You are not submitting these entries to us.  The journals are for you and are protected for your eyes only on your device.

Where do I find oils and which brand should I use?

You can find essential oils here at our store, or online. At this time, we feature four essential oil companies (Be Young, DoTerra, Plant Therapy, and Young Living).  Be Young, DoTerra, and Young Living are multi level marketing companies.  You may know someone that sells these oils - if so, reach out to them and they will be happy to assist you. Which oils should you use?  We suggest that you use the oil that best aligns with you.  Do some research on the different companies if you'd like, look at the products online and see how you feel.  Just like with the meditation process, different brands will call to you.  Also, keep in mind that bottle prices and sizes vary.